About us

We farmers at Gröf; Ólof Ragna Ólafsdottir and Jón Geir Ólafsson. We have three sons who help us with the farming.

IIcelandic sheep

Our farm is a medium-sized sheep farm. Our region is a great land for sheep and our uplands are large. Our lambs are let free in the upland and mountains during summer months. In our opinion the meat of lambs from our region is one of the best available.

Along with the farming Jón Geir is occupied with cultivation and training of Border-Collie sheepdogs as well as holding courses in dog training.

Border Collie

Jon Geir has sheepdogs performances where tourists can come and see the dogs at work.

Performances will be at 10:00 every day from 1 Jun-31 August 2014.
From September 1 to May 31 Shows have to be reserved in advance.

Olof Ragna works along with the farm work at Hotel Klaustur. She loves to grow vegetables and flowers in her fields and greenhouses. Olöf Ragna supplies the home with vegetables large part of the year